Young Leaders

The Young Leaders is a forum for all students within the school. It comprises of Year 6 students.

The Young Leaders meet regularly and discuss items submitted. They run mufti days and raise funds for student activities and charitable groups in the community.

Members of the Young Leaders may be privy to local events organised for young leaders. Young Leaders help support classrooms with Milk In Schools, wet lunch hours, eLearning and a number of other school activities. Young Leaders have a high profile within the school due to the role, expectations and responsibilities they undertake.

Providing our tamariki with the skill, will and thrill to become assessment capable learners

Visible Learner

A Glenholme School visible learner is s student who:

  • Can be their own teacher
  • Can articulate what they are learning and strategies they are using to learn
  • Can articulate their next learning steps
  • Can use self-regulation strategies
  • Is assessment capable (understands the assessment tools being used and what their results mean and can self-assess)
  • Seeks, is resilient to and aspires to challenge
  • Can set master goals
  • Asks questions
  • Sees error as opportunities and is comfortable saying that they don’t know and/or need help
  • Positively supports their peer’s learning
  • Knows what to do when they don’t know what to do
  • Actively seeks feedback
  • Has meta-cognitive skills and can talk about theses (systematic planning, memory, abstract thinking, critical thinking, problem solving etc)