Dress Code

  • All new enrolments must start Glenholme School in full uniform
  • Students must wear regulation school uniform, non-uniform items similar in colour and style are not acceptable
  • Except in an emergency, students must wear correct dress code. Parents must write a letter of explanation if their child wears non-uniform clothing or footwear, stating the reason
  • Your child presents the letter to school management in the morning and is issued with a Uniform Pass to carry for the day
  • When a student comes to school with incorrect uniform and without a notice of explanation, parents are contacted and asked to collect their child, and take them home to dress them correctly and then return them to school
  • Any non-uniform clothing items will be confiscated and must be collected by the student at the end of each day or by parents
  • The school accepts no responsibility for any non-uniform clothing items
    which are confiscated
  • All school uniform items should be clearly named
  • The only jewellery items to be worn are medic alert ID, a wrist watch or items of religious or cultural significance
  • Occasionally second-hand items are available via the school office
  • Notification for parents is posted in the School Newsletter
  • Parents are welcome advertise 2nd hand School Uniform items in the School Newsletter

All school uniform items should be clearly named


Polar Fleece

Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt

Crew Neck Sweatshirt


Cargo Shorts


Cargo Trousers

Purchasing School Uniforms

Glenholme School has 2 purchasing options for parents regarding school uniforms. Retail store in Rotorua and an online shopping option are available.

Retail Store:

NZ Uniforms Rotorua

1302 Ranolf Street, Rotorua
Phone 072822023 or Freephone 0800698643
Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 1pm
EFTPOS, Cheque, Direct Credit and Lay Buy facilities available

Online Store:

NZ Uniforms Online


WINZ quotes are available